Thursday, March 31, 2016

Checking In

It looks a bit like Natalie and I have both forgotten about this site.. Can't blame us for keeping busy!

Senior year is kind of like traffic in town on a day there's a big concert. You all just want to get there and no be in traffic, but if you stop paying attention you're screwed and then have to deal with a fender bender, or if you're really unlucky, you total your car and have to get a new one.

The senior slump is real. Natalie is a lot better about getting all of her work done, but I just want to sleep, eat, and hang out with bae before we have to part ways for college. That's another thing. Relationships get really weird as graduation approaches. Some people get engaged, some people break up and get all dramatic. High school tends to be a madhouse, but as people realize that they won't see one another ever again, strange things come out. I have a friend who broke up with his girlfriend of four years just to mess around with freshman. Freshies, beware. Seniors often stop caring that you're a person too. But take everything I say with a grain of salt, I'm a pretty cynical person.

As the school year winds down, the weak are quickly uprooted. (Can you tell I get weird when I write while I'm tired?) But yeah keep your head up and just do the damn work as much as you don't want to. The acceptance letters will roll in if you work for them and applied yourself in high school. If your school is like mine, there are the people who try too hard and don't have lives, the people who have too much of a life and don't do school, and the few that do both and know how to balance it. I consider myself in the middle leaning toward no life.. I'm in AP classes, have solid grades that aren't always As but at lowest are high Cs, and I enjoy my time with friends getting tea in town via a hippy tea joint. Whatever works works.

Something big I think a lot of people don't get until college is that most people outside of high school don't judge others as much as you think they do. In high school maybe you were bullied for being a geek or for reading too much, partying too little and enjoying something that was a little different. In the real world that's admirable. Those who are the quiet kids who know what they like and who they like might not be respected in the prison of school, but after graduation they go on to be the engineers of Microsoft or Apple, or the architect that designs the Golden Gate Bridge, or the writer who's internationally recognized in their category. Find what you love and what you're good at. It'll pay off, just hang in there.

If anyone actually reads this and has something they want advice on, feel free to leave a comment!

Izzy out.