Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Beginning of the End

Oh my goodness gracious, I'll be graduating. (This realization will hit me constantly.)

So, the first two days of school came and went. So far it's uneventful, and I miss my friends that graduated.  Biggest event so far is having classes with people in my grade I don't know particularly well. Updates will happen with hopefully undramatic reflections.

Today I attended a webinar (web seminar) about SAIC (School of the Arts Institute of Chicago) which was fantastic. I really want to go to at least a big city school. Art Therapy right now sounds like what I want to go for.

Pro Tip #2: Be open to new Ideas.
I was sure from the age of 5 that I would be a veterinarian. Heh so done with dissecting things and watching weirdness be (literally) born.

Natalie is a lot better about consistently posting on here, but I'll try to make it more often and brief. I'm only always lost in my own head, so no promises!.

My goals for the upcoming year:

  • Make new friends/ get closer to the few I have 
    • I'm basically a social potato. 
    • I need to open up more with other people and stop using awkwardness and what I call "walls."
  • Focus on school work, and get organized. 
    • (As much as the idea of a relationship appeals to me, there are no guys right now and if there were I'm not sure I'd even go there. Also, I've had really bad anxiety in past years thanks to relationship drama and I don't even want to go there this year) 
  • Follow through! I always have issues with "Oh I'll do this" and I never get it done.
I'll leave the fashion to Natalie, but I may occasionally post a picture of a work of art that I appreciate/ hate and reasons why. I wore clothes and that's good enough for me. Well, I wore cute clothes. I might be a social potato but I try to be a cute one. There are days where I look like a dude and days where I want to be seen. 

I recognize myself (in the light of stereotypes) to appear to be the loner or geek, perhaps even band geek. Those who know me probably classify me in one of these categories if they had to. I dunno not a lot of people know me very well and I'm not sure that I want them to. Last time I got extremely close to another person they up and left after getting tired of me. I'm getting to the point where I'm just tired of people. 

Ahh to be as bitter as the exuberant amounts of coffee I consume. ^_^

Finally, just as Natalie has begun to sub-blog about books, I'll probably end up having a song of the week, starting this week! Feel free to share music with me or comment a favorite genre or anything! I'm open to literally everything. (Metal, Indie, Jazz, Screamo,, Country, Pop, Alternative, etc. literally - EVERYTHING)

Song of the week: Lonely Day - Phantom Planet (lyrics here)

Peace, potato peeps! 


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